Cosheston is well served with footpaths and bridleways and they are generally in good condition.  The Definitive Map Network for the county, as at June 2010, can be viewed on Pembrokeshire County Council’s web site here: LINK 

The narrative description of the Cosheston footpaths can be found here…

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There have been some amendments countywide since 2010.  On the main road the footpath near the Old Rectory has been moved and the new location is shown here:

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The whole county is covered by 103 maps and Cosheston appears on 4 of them, numbers 92, 93, 100 and 101.  On map 100 the bridleway SP8/3 runs from just past the school and carries down to Jenkins Point.  Going off it is footpath SP8/4.  Map 101 covers the village in the top left hand corner; map 92 picks up SP8/4 in the bottom left hand corner taking in Ringley Wells, Home Farm and The Folly.  Map 93, in the bottom left hand corner takes in Four Ashes, Ferry House, Glen Haven (see diversion information below, brought in to effect many years ago) and Upton Farm.

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Pembrokeshire Ramblers is a good point of contact for any footpath issues and for anyone wishing to explore the county on foot in amiable company, and see many areas of the county in the company of an experienced leader.  A number of village residents are members. 

Some village walks are available on the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority web site.